From Kristin Jasinski, Council Reflections Chair

This year’s theme is:

“What is Your Story?”

A huge Thank-You to all of you who are participating in the National PTA Reflections program this year! I know it’s a lot of work and your time and efforts are much appreciated. I wanted to pass along some information regarding submission limits this year and our Council timeline.

This year we are asking that all PTA’s advance no more than 12 entries total to Council level. (This does not include the Special Artist divisions additional 6 allotted advancements. Those are counted separately.)

Last year we had a few schools only advance 4-6 submissions. Please feel free to advance up to 12 this year! We would welcome a larger representation from every school and really want to celebrate as many artists as we can.

Here are important dates to note for advancing your entries to the Council Reflections Program:

  • Tuesday, Dec. 6th- 5p-7p Drop-Off all advancing entries to the KEC boardroom
  • Thursday, Dec. 8th 11a-3p Reflections Art Set-Up and Judging at the KEC boardroom
  • Thursday, Dec. 8th- 5p-7p Reflections Art Pick-Up in the KEC boardroom
  • Tuesday, Jan. 17th- 7p. Council Reflections Awards Ceremony

If you haven’t already done so, now would be a great time to finalize your own school programs timeline.

An example timeline is as follows:

*****Sample Time-line******

Oct. 3rd  Kick-Off the Program

Nov. 14th Submission Deadline

Nov. 16th Set-Up and Judging

Nov. 18th Awards Ceremony (display artwork during parent conferences)

This is just a sample timeline to help those that are just starting to get their Reflections Program up and running. The main thing is to be sure that your program wraps up prior to the Dec. 6th Council Drop-Off date.

Please feel free to send me an email at  if you have any questions or concerns regarding the Reflections Program. If I can’t answer them myself, I will find an answer and get back to you asap! (Tel 360-990-8508).


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