We are Renton PTA Council (9.11), the support team for all local PTAs within the Renton School District in Renton, Washington.

We welcome you to our monthly Council meetings.
All PTA members are welcome, not just the officers!

Knowles Education Center, 300 SW 7th St., Renton 98057

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Seeking all VIPs! We’d love to have you join in on the fun of being a VIP for one of our PTAs. For a mere $20 you can help support a community, or you can join several PTAs for every $20 you donate! Check out the flyer HERE.
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**Important PTA Information**

* Do you know when your PTA needs to file annually online with the Secretary of State? Search your PTA and ensure your PTA is still considered “Active” – There’s a $10 filing fee, it’s easy to do, and a critical requirement to stay in good standing. Need help? Talk with your designated VP today!
SEARCH FOR YOUR PTA: https://www.sos.wa.gov/corps/search.aspx
TO RENEW ONLINE: https://www.sos.wa.gov/corps/OnlineRenewal.aspx
* Your PTA’s IRS filing is due each year by no later than NOV 15 — Need help? Reach out to us!
* Having any difficulty accessing PT Avenue? Your PTA/PTSA president received admin privilege and should be able to provide you access, or you may contact support@wastatepta.org.

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Renton PTA Council’s job is to support you—the local PTA/PTSA Officers and Members at large—in a variety of ways. As your partner in the success of all students, we take to heart the importance of learning, leading and continuing a strong legacy for years to come.
LEARN: Council learns where our PTAs need assistance and we support those needs. We also help our PTA leaders learn through monthly council meetings, through educational and leadership trainings, consistent correspondence, and by meeting with PTA leadership teams as needed.
LEAD: Council, alongside the Region 9 Service Delivery Team, work to provide the best leadership and technical resources for our PTAs in order to reach the highest standards of excellence, including financially sound practices and transparency for its members.
LEGACY: Council is committed to helping each PTA’s legacy to grow and continue in order to best support its students and families for decades to come! A strong legacy starts with having a high standard of excellence in every area. Every member is a part of your PTA’s legacy!



*** The Renton PTA Council is a 501(C)(3) not-for-profit organization and is a separate entity from the Renton School District. Contact our Treasurer for the Renton PTA Council EIN number if needed for tax purposes. We will provide receipts for donations, upon request.


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